Never forget

It’s Memorial Day. I went to St. Louis to go to a wedding of an old family friend. On the way, I stopped by my Great Aunt’s house and her family that was taking care of her. Her family hasn’t seen me in ten years since the passing of my grandmother and all of a sudden, I’m knocking on a random door in Kansas City hoping that I have the right place. Thankfully, it was the right house. They didn’t recognize for a couple of seconds until I told them who I was and why I was there. They let me in to see my Great Aunt and welcomed me like the years never passed by. It was a good feeling. I felt happy.
The only sad thing though was that my Great Aunt isn’t as well as I thought. I barely recognized her and I couldn’t understand her. I was a bit sad because the words I could make out were not the happiest things I’ve heard her say. She had difficulties hearing and a few times, I thought she didn’t even understand my Vietnamese. I felt frustrated and thought that she didn’t remember me at all. My Aunt and her husband are taking care of her and they were so kind. I’m glad that they didn’t take the surprise as offensive. I didn’t know their number! We caught up on the years and I just felt so happy. I believe you can love someone instantly under some circumstances. After a while, my Great Aunt says something to me and she says that she knows me from a wedding that I went to in Texas. It was kind of a touchy moment. She thanked me for visiting her and that this was probably the last time I would ever see her alive. It makes me sad that she said that. No one knows when we’ll move on from this life. Tell people you love them often and never forget how they impacted your life.