I can and will have it all.


This morning, I ate cheesecake for breakfast. It had lilac petals as a garnish and it tasted wonderful. My broworkers stared at me while I was eating my cake.

  • Broworker: Is that cheesecake?
  • Donna: Ha. Yes, it is.
  • Broworker: It’s 9am and you’re also drinking a cherry Pepsi!
  • Donna: It’s 6am in Yakima, WA.
  • Broworker: That doesn’t make any sense.
  • Donna: It doesn’t make any sense that you’re questioning my choices for what I eat in the morning. It’s not my fault that you chose to eat nothing for breakfast today and now you’re just jealous of me.
  • Broworker: Damn, Donna. Give me some of your cheesecake.

I had an interesting day today to say the least. I love working with my broworkers. They’re an interesting group of dudes from varying experiences and they make me laugh everyday. Other than that sweet jewel about my cheesecake, I had quite the meeting today. I met up with a Chief of Staff for a member of Congress today. It was enlightening and discouraging at the same time. I’m just going to lay it out for y’all and you can analyze anyway you want.

My meeting with the COS was basically like a mentoring session. Good information, good advice, and good company wrapped up in delicious bacon. Unfortunately, eating too much bacon is bad for you. While usually I take any advice from someone that’s in a top position, I know that they’re usually projecting a lot of their own emotion and experiences into their advice.

I told the COS my dreams and hopes and I basically looked like a Goofy Goober from Spongebob Squarepants. To the COS, I looked like the little kid telling their mom that they wanted to be an astronaut when they grew up. I looked so adorable for having all of these ambitions and goals but, I’m pretty sure the COS was looking at me probably thought that my head was inflated with silly ideas. I told him all of my goals and I’ll share them with you.

  1. Pass the Foreign Service Officer Exam
  2. Become a Foreign Service Officer
  3. Go to graduate school for Intelligence analysis or something along those line

My goal list is short but, I’ve already accomplished a lot of my goals in the past year. I told the COS all of this and he was able to provide me with contacts that could give me more than enough information about what I was interested in. Then, it got even more personal. I’m not sure how the conversation got to this point but, it was strange because he’s a guy bringing up the hardships of women in the workforce. He initially said that when I achieved these things, that I would have to make large sacrifices to accommodate the responsibilities of my goals. I understand where he’s coming from. He was basically stating that I couldn’t have it all. Well, more like that women in high profiling careers could not have it all. I’ve read articles and discussed this with a few of my friends and there’s a big part of me that wholeheartedly disagrees with this. I might be the minority in this issue because there are a lot of hard facts that I can’t argue with. If you have the time, read this. It’s an article from the Atlantic and it’s basically asking women to stop disillusioning themselves that they can have it all. Well, let me tell you this. You can have it all. 

In our society, we’re told of what roles we’re suppose to play. What we’re suppose to like and what we’re suppose to dislike. That’s all grand and dandy because it helps weed out individuals away from specific things. This false identity evokes fear in people and in turn, it makes people that are truly capable and competent into incapable people. I understand that there are a lot of women that want to have a career, a marriage, a family, and everything that goes with it. I truly believe that it’s possible to have all of that without sacrificing your goals and aspirations. I sound like a naive punk right now but, why can’t you have everything you want? I might be too young and too dumb right now but, I’m not wrong. If you want it, you can have it. If not now, then change your attitude about it and you’ll attain what you want soon. I know that I’ll get what I want and I’m positive that if I can do it, so can everyone else.

While I have big goals, they’re nothing that I haven’t managed before. While working on the Hill, I’ve learned that you need a lot of luck, timing, and knowing the right people to accomplish the goals that you want to achieve. I really hate the system but, I can’t be a hate monger because I benefited from the kinks and screws of the beast. What can I say, I’m a beast.



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