Are you dating the Brawny man?

Brawny man's girlfriend

So, it snowed in D.C.

I woke up and saw the snow. Then, I groaned. Actually, I was swearing during my entire walk to the metro and making an awful scowled up face. I was not a happy camper. When I made it to the office, I was hoping to grab my usual breakfast in the Rayburn cafeteria. Unfortunately, the cafe was closed. I went to the deli and there was an incredible line snaking out into the hallway. I finally get my bacon, egg, and cheese. I go to my office and my intern bro worker informs me that I have to give a tour in 15 minutes. Usually, I’m delighted to give tours and what not but, I’m hungry for my bacon. I leave my sandwich on my desk and greet my tour group. They were a cute family from Columbus, Ohio. The family was wearing buckeye gear and it was clear that they loved the football more than anything else.

I was not wearing Buckeye gear today. I am currently wearing my flannel that was made in Italy. I get a lot of jokes about it because it looks like the Brawny man’s flannel. Actually, the little girl from Ohio asked me if the Brawny man was my boyfriend because she said that the only reason I would have this shirt was because the Brawny man gave ot to me. I wish the Brawny man was my boyfriend. He’s a hot lumberjack and so up my valley.

Anyways, I give the family a tour and it ended up being 2 hours long. When I finish the tour, I go back to the office and I see my intern friends. He informs me that I have another tour this afternoon. It’s all good though. At least I got to eat my sandwich. It tasted like heaven.

I should probably get back to work.



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