Hi, I’m Donna Moss and I’m a lumberjack from Minnesota.

I’m in Virginia.

I’ll be painting it blue and tagging it with my initials.

I’ve been imported from Minnesota to work in this arena of Conservatives. I guess I shouldn’t be labeling because labels are for jars. People are obviously not jars. For the most part, the region is pretty conservative. The actual town I live in is an enclave that shines baby blue. It’s the Emerald City in this place and I’m fortunate that my campaign base is in this “Emerald City.”

Who am I?

In some sense, I am a reflection of the character “Donna Moss” from the popular television show “West Wing.”

I am a 21 year old chick who’s trying to experience the campaign life to the fullest. I have to admit, my back story is pretty legitimate. I dropped out of school this upcoming year to work on a Presidential Campaign. After the election, i’ll be in DC sporting an intern badge for a congressional office. Yeah, I’m one of those kids.

How did I get here?

That’s a legitimate question. I took a flight from MSP and arrived into a small airport in Virginia. I was recruited to Virginia by my current boss. The first time he contacted me, I declined right after he told me I was accepted. Pretty bold move, right? I didn’t even give him time to ask why I declined the offer or any time to explain the package he was able to offer me. After that call, I thought that area of politics was going to be out of sight forever. I was clearly wrong.

My boss called me up again and asked me to reconsider. Ironically, he called me a week before I was headed out to D.C for a few interviews. I told my boss the situation and said that it was most likely that I was not going to join his team. I was set on D.C. Fortunately, when I interviewed in D.C. I realized that I was delusional. My visions of grandeur and fabulosity were shattered when I waded through the atmosphere of the giant firms I interviewed at. After my trip to D.C, I called up my boss and asked him to give me the details of this job. He talked to me about it and afterwards, I told him I was in.

I’ve never worked on a campaign before this job but, I have to say that my experience has been nothing more than spectacular. I’ve met some people that are extremely hard working and dedicated.

Why am I here? 

I’m here to win an election. I’m going to be adamant. I work hard to play harder. I’ve never been on a losing team since I’ve started college and I know for a fact that my winning streak will continue for a few more decades. If you can’t deal with that, I suggest you leave because I am an intimidating mean girl. I’m in it to win it.

Any who, the purpose of this blog is to share my experiences with whoever wants to read it. I’ve had some great experiences. My life is going to be written as a book. Thankfully, I’m one of those people who are going to be written about.